Live Long and Prosper

When Tamerlane found his treasurer guilty of embezzlement, he had him executed and engaged Nasrudin as the man’s replacement.

But it was not long before a palace aide informed the King that his new appointee was distributing money to the poor. Much enraged, the ruler summoned the treasurer.

‘Do you want to end up swinging from the scaffold like your predecessor?’

‘Surely you would not hang a man who is simply trying to lengthen your stay on Earth,’ replied Nasrudin.

‘How will robbing my coffers earn me longer life?’ asked Tamerlane.

‘As I hand money to the poor and needy, I ask them to pray that our esteemed monarch will live long and prosper. If we did not pay for prayers in this way, who would enlist Allah’s help in keeping you alive for another day?’

The World of Nasrudin Idries Shah, Octagon Press

Treasure Chest

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