About Mulla Nasrudin

Traditions about him abound. Sometimes very stupid, often improbably clever, the Mulla confounds the scholar, amuses the humble, wins victory from certain defeat—and sometimes defeat from certain victory. He illustrates the human condition.

He is the greatest, most intriguing, character of folklore found in any Eastern land. Versions of his back-to-front thinking can be found in Morocco, Egypt and Russia, in Turkey, Greece, Albania and Afghanistan. Many countries claim Nasrudin as a native, although few have gone so far as Turkey in exhibiting a “grave” of the wisest fool who ever lived, and holding an annual Nasrudin Festival. European Jews know him as Hershel Ostropolier; their folklore sometimes associates him with the mythic town of Chelm. People from every walk of life have laughed at and learned from the wise fool’s inimitable escapades

Nobody really knows who Nasrudin was, where he lived or if he ever existed at all. But that’s not stopping us from enjoying his tales.

The Institute for Cross-cultural Exchange (“ICE”) is raising money for Afghan literacy!

Proceeds from our fundraisers provide books to children in Afghan schools, orphanages and libraries—beautifully illustrated Dari-Pashto versions of traditional oral tales from Afghanistan and Central Asia. For more information about these materials, visit the ICE website.

If you would like to donate, click here. For less than $1 you can provide a book for an Afghan child!

“How old are you Mulla?”
“But you said that last time I asked 3 years ago!”
“Yes, I always stand by what I say.”

For more information about Nasrudin and his books, visit idriesshahfoundation.org .

You can also follow the Mulla on Facebook and Twitter.

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